RadioXU #17

Welcome back to RadioXU! I hope you’re ready for another fine batch of crucial late-’80s indie rock! Prepare to be rocked by the likes of...

– Playlist –

SONIC YOUTH – Teen Age Riot
WIPERS – Nothing Left To Lose
MISSION OF BURMA – Academy Fight Song
THE FLUID – Tomorrow
GALAXIE 500 – Fourth Of July
SONIC YOUTH – Schizophrenia
THE FLUID – Is It Day I’m Seeing?
PUSSY GALORE – Sweet Little Hi-Fi
SUN DIAL – Exploding In Your Mind
MISSION OF BURMA – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
GALAXIE 500 – Decomposing Trees

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Peacefrog said...

Really digging these episodes. Some of the stuff I am familiar with (Sonic Youth, Mission of Burma, Wipers, Galaxie 500), and you selected choice cuts. And some tracks I definitely wasn't hip to (The Fluid, Squirrel Bait, Sun Dial). All a perfect blend. The music featured in this episode sounds both uniquely 80's and way ahead of its time (if that makes sense).

In a similar 80's vibe, I've been on a 80's Brit kick lately listening to a lot of Smiths, Cure, and Depeche Mode. I am mostly familiar with their music through compilations, but I am revisiting their full albums.


MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey KB. Glad you enjoyed it! I think a lot of this late ‘80s indie rock has aged very well. It still sounds “edgy” despite being over 30 years old... Timeless stuff.

That’s cool you’re digging deeper into some ‘80s Brit. Lots of good stuff there. I’d like to go back and revisit The Cure’s ‘80s output. They had a great string of albums beginning with their first in 1979. I think I’ll listen to their releases in chronological order. They had an interesting progression in their style over the course of that decade...

Peacefrog said...

I am discovering that like a lot of European groups, bands like the Cure and Smiths released a lot of singles that were not on any official album releases. These songs (such as The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry") were not tracks on any official LP in their catalog. This makes their compilations an important part of their discography, and not just an overview or introduction to the band's music.

MAD4MUSIC said...

Yeah, it always exciting, too, when a group releases a nice comp of singles and b-sides. The Cure had some pretty interesting b-sides!

vermontUSA said...

Hey Captain!
holy crap you have been busy and I have been lost in the fog of 2020/2021....this RadioXU series is phenomenal, you have really charted the entire course of alternative rock music from pre to post-punk, awesome!
And now I have ten more shows I have never heard to help me usher in spring to northern New England - I will be blasting these as the huge pile of frozen snow melts and the world (hopefully) moves closer to normal. Music has been my hope and my constant during these trying days and you, Tom D, deserve our gratitude and appreciation for putting together the best series of podcasts I have ever downloaded and I mean it!

MAD4MUSIC said...

Ahoy there, Vermonter! It's always a pleasure to hear from you, my friend. Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad that you're still onboard for this musical journey. Your place in the Sonic Daydream Pantheon of Loyal Listeners is undisputed!

I'm glad you're enjoying the direction that RadioXU has been taking because I've got several more playlists already in the works and I think you're going to dig it. I'm hoping to do a greater number of podcasts in 2021 than I've done in recent years. There's still so much more good music to share...

Keep on rockin'!