RadioXU #13

Tonight we travel back to early-’80s California and begin a three-part exploration of the loosely-affiliated collection of bands that came to be identified as The Paisley Underground! Dig the sounds of...

– Playlist –

THE DREAM SYNDICATE – Definitely Clean
THE SALVATION ARMY – While We Were In Your Room
Talking To Your Wall
THE SALVATION ARMY – She Turns To Flowers
RAIN PARADE – This Can’t Be Today
RAIN PARADE – No Easy Way Down
THE BANGS – The Real World
THE BANGS – How Is The Air Up There?
GREEN ON RED – Illustrated Crawling
GREEN ON RED – Sixteen Ways II
RAINY DAY – Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
RAINY DAY – I’ll Be Your Mirror
THE DREAM SYNDICATE – The Days of Wine and Roses

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