The Hard Stuff #1


Meet the bastard offspring of Blues-Rock and Psychedelia... It’s tough and boozy... It’s aggressive... It’s rough around the edges... Not smooth and glossy like Arena Rock... Not pompous and fussy like Prog Rock... It’s Heavy, but it ain’t Metal...


GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother
PAX - Firefly
HARD STUFF - No Witch At All
BANG - Come With Me
CHARLIES - Living For Myself
MOSES - Changes
WARPIG - Flaggit
HAIRY CHAPTER - There’s A Kind Of Nothing
ODA - Gabriel
IRON CLAW - Pavement Artist

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Coming Soon to Headphones Near You...


You didn’t think the peace, love, and good vibrations would last forever, did you? Didn’t they warn you that it would lead to “harder” stuff?

All that dope-smoking, free love, and marching in the streets didn’t end the war... It’s still dragging on... And the price of gas keeps going up... And the economy’s headed for recession...

Mercy, mercy me... Things ain’t what they used to be...

The time for incense and peppermints has past, my brothers... Heavy times call for heavy music... Welcome to The Hard Stuff.