The Hard Stuff #1


Meet the bastard offspring of Blues-Rock and Psychedelia... It’s tough and boozy... It’s aggressive... It’s rough around the edges... Not smooth and glossy like Arena Rock... Not pompous and fussy like Prog Rock... It’s Heavy, but it ain’t Metal...


GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother
PAX - Firefly
HARD STUFF - No Witch At All
BANG - Come With Me
CHARLIES - Living For Myself
MOSES - Changes
WARPIG - Flaggit
HAIRY CHAPTER - There’s A Kind Of Nothing
ODA - Gabriel
IRON CLAW - Pavement Artist

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Anonymous said...


Outstanding job. A mutual friend (Mark Nigara) forwarded me the link to you blog. I loved all the music. As a student of rock music, I was astounded at the rarity and breadth of these nuggets, especially BANG (from Philly...I live about an hour north of Philly). Just one do you discover all of this music and where do you go to get it??

Color me impressed,


MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey there, Byrnes. Good to have you aboard! I'm glad you enjoyed the first installment of "The Hard Stuff." Stay tuned because there's plenty more good obscure Seventies hard rock heading your way!

Rooting around looking for overlooked musical goodies is my "raison d'etre." I just keep my nose to the ground, and when I sniff something good... I start digging! One discovery usually leads to another...

It's not easy to find this music in the shops, but so much has been reissued in the last decade that you can usually find anything you're looking for on the internet.

--Tom D.

Anonymous said...

TomD, excited, and well, astonished at the new show. this is the exact genre i have been exploring lately and to have your podcasting excellence behind a devoted obscure hard rock program is mind-blowing. thanks, i will be blasting this all summer. wow.

Anonymous said...

This is some killer music. I'm in College and this is my fourth semester right now and I've enjoyed this Podcast! For me, the Hard Rockers were Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, and Hendrix to name a few. But damn! these underground Heavy pieces of music sure bring the house down.

Keep up the good work. Thank god no power ballads on this one! Since you're doing the Hard Stuff podcast, I was wondering if you could please play something from a band named Budgie.

I've recently found out about them from Classic Rock Magazine's Special Edition tribute to the Heavy Metal genre and I'm discovering their music and the followers Lars Ulrich of Metallica and Julian Cope also for his Hardrocksampler review on the Head Heritage website.

When I've listened to The Hard Stuff, I was so glad there weren't any '80s Hair Metal nonsense like Poison and all that Warrant crap (no offense), this (pardon my french) shit is the best My favorites is PAX and Charlies. They are like a combination of Zeppelin meets Purple meets Colosseum. But they're really good!

Anyway Keep up the good work.

Music lover,


MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey guys. Thanks for the feedback!

That's cool that you've also been exploring the hard rock genre lately. I hope I can turn you on to some good stuff that you may not have already discovered.

I'll definitely be playing some Budgie in a future podcast... Stay tuned! And rest assured, you won't be hearing any '80s Hair Metal on this show!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting in The Inner Flight departure lounge for The Hard Stuff. I can say it was worth the wait, as always!

A quick follow up is required Captain!

Any chance of a prog shaw sometime? In the meantime keep up the Hard Suff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I really enjoyed this blog while I was listening to it at work today. I loved "IRON CLAW - Pavement Artist" the well as good ol' Grand Funk. Thanks for taking the time because it's opened up a lot of new avenues to explore some cool new bands. thanks mate!

Big D said...

Hey there Tom D,

What a most excellent way to move on to the next chapter of your audio history of the rock you know and love so well. I too wonder how in the hell you keep coming up with such seldom heard yet worthwhile tunes. Being a Michigan man myself, I give you kudos for starting off with the homegrown GFR selection. That was my best of set, but just a hair behind that was the nicely textured Hairy Chapter song. I am looking forward to hearing the second, and future shows. BTW, the Apostrophe in the background is a nice touch.

Big D

MAD4MUSIC said...

Big D!

I knew you would dig the new podcast series. I'm glad you had a chance to check it out.

There's a lot more heavy obscurities to come, so stay tuned!

--Tom D.