RadioXU #15

Welcome back to RadioXU! Tonight we conclude our survey of the California-based music movement that was known as The Paisley Underground! Dig, if you will...

– Playlist –

THIN WHITE ROPE – Not Your Fault
THIN WHITE ROPE – Down In The Desert
28TH DAY – 25 Pills
28TH DAY – Dead Sinner
LEAVING TRAINS – Leaving Train
SAVAGE REPUBLIC – Mobilization
NAKED PREY – Little Lucy
NAKED PREY – Take The Word
OPAL – Happy Nightmare Baby
OPAL – Soul Giver

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Peacefrog said...

A fitting conclusion to the Paisley Underground retrospective. Thoroughly enjoyed this brief run of podcasts. I was not familiar with this scene nor music at all. I said this before, and I will say it again..I got the sense that this music bridged the gap between the LA punk band X and R.E.M. My favorites from this outing were the two tracks from 28th Day. Great stuff.

Cheers! and have a great holiday weekend.

MAD4MUSIC said...

Glad you enjoyed it, KB! I think you’re right about most of these bands stylistically fitting into a spectrum between X and R.E.M. — 28th Day (with their male/female duet vocals) definitely did. It seems some of the bands were closer to the X end of the spectrum, while others were closer to the R.E.M. end of things. There were some outliers, though... I’m thinking The Dream Syndicate and Thin White Rope, for instance.

Thanks for listening. Have a fun 4th!

Orlando said...

Excellent ,
greetings from
Canary Islands,
Spain .

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hola, Orlando! Thank you for listening.
Best wishes to my friends in The Canary Islands!
—Tom D.