RadioXU #24

Welcome back to RadioXU! Tonight we continue our series of episodes looking back at the original first run of the Sub Pop Singles Club. Prepare to be rocked by the sounds of...

– Playlist –

URGE OVERKILL – (Now That's) The Barclords
AFGHAN WHIGS – I Am The Sticks
HELIOS CREED – Hideous Greed
MAD DADDYS – Take Me Back To Woodstock
ROLLINS BAND – Earache My Eye
GUMBALL – Under My Wheels
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT – Normal Carpet Ride
GORILLA – Detox Man
LAZY COWGIRLS – Hybrid Moments
BIG CHIEF – Blowout Kit
COME – Last Mistake

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Alan said...

Hi Tom. Thanks for the shout-out in episode 23. I've enjoyed listening to the Sub Pop singles. It makes me wonder how I missed the series when it was first issued. Apparently, I was not reading the right zines at the time. Makes me wonder, too, whether I could have afforded it back then. I eagerly anticipate future episodes. More Lubricated Goat and Lazy Cowgirls are always welcome! Thanks!

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey Alan. I'm glad you're enjoying the music. I've got a couple more Sub Pop Singles Club episodes in the works, so more good stuff to come. I can't recall how I found out about the Singles Club... but it was a pretty good deal – $35 a year for 12 singles... just under $3 bucks a piece. It was a unique experience shelling out $35 and not knowing exactly what I was going to get. It was a fun surprise each month!

Peacefrog said...

Another great outing from the master! Bravo. Kicking off this episode with two of my 90's faves (UO and the Afghan Whigs) was a nice touch. I still have concert T's from both bands that I occasionally sport. The episode shows the progression and broadening of the Sub Pop "sound" to bands from outside the Pacific Northwest. I really dug the Helios Creed sounded like he was channeling Frank Zappa. Crackerbash was a pleasant surprise; they sounded like Bob Mould's Sugar and Buffalo Tom. The frenzy of "Hybrid Moments" was a fantastic slice of punk followed up with heaviness of Big Chief. And last, but not least, thanks for the shout out! Always a fan! Looking forward to future episodes. Cheers! Byrnes

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey there, KB. I knew I'd hook you from the get-go by kicking it off with UO and the Whigs. Those two were for you :-)

I always enjoy hearing which tracks strike a chord with you because it's always a surprise. Helios Creed and Crackerbash..., I wouldn't have predicted!

I've been in the mood lately to revisit the work of the Lazy Cowgirls. I remember seeing them perform back in the day... Good straight-ahead punk rock. Of course, their choice to cover The Misfits' "Hybrid Moments" was right on.

More good to stuff to come! Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts.

Alan said...

I've been thinking about how I listened to music back in the early eighties. I purchased cassettes so I could listen to music on my Walkman. Being able to listen to my music on the go was wonderful. So even if I had known about the Sub Pop Singles Club, I probably would have passed on it. My loss, but I've had worse.