The Hard Stuff #17


Welcome to another edition of The Hard Stuff! Join us again as we dig deep into the rock’n’roll ruins and uncover these forgotten hard-rock nuggets. Groove to the heavy sounds of...

– Playlist –

ROG & PIP - From a Window
DEEP PURPLE - Emmaretta
SWEET WINE - Things You Told Me
JERUSALEM - Kamakazi Moth
JUG SESSION - Runnin’ Down
AIR - Twelve O’Clock Satanial
MACABRE - Be Forewarned
EPOCA - No Estoy Bien
SUNCHARIOT - Do You Wanna Know
LEFT END - Sunshine Girl
BLODWYN PIG - Ain't Ya Comin' Home, Babe?

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Magores said...

Just a general comment... love the podcast. And a question... Any thoughts on revisiting krautrock some time in the near future?

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hi Magores. Will definitely be revisiting krautrock at some point. Not sure when exactly. Want to get a couple more Hard Stuff episodes out before I change things up again. Thanks for your comment. It's nice to know that people out there are listening and enjoying!

Magores said...

Definitely listening. Found you back around hard stuff 6. Then I went back to the beginning and began there.

Keep on rockin'!

Peacefrog said...

Finally took this one for a ride! Another great one. I am not too familiar with the pre-"IN ROCK" discography of Deep Purple, so this deep cut was a welcome addition along side all the other obscurities. I recognized "Be Forewarned" right away, but didn't know it was from a pre-Pentagram version of the band. I also really dug "Trick" by Influenza. Looking forward to more of the Hard Stuff in the future...I am an addict!


MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey there, KB. The Mk I version of Purple definitely had it moments, usually when Blackmore got his way. You probably recognize that Macabre track from its appearance on one of the Pentagram compilations. It sounds to me like the compilation version uses the same basic tracks but additional overdubs have been added (backing vocals, etc).

Big D said...

Greetings Music Man. I'll jump the gun a little early and wish you a very Happy Birthday! Thanks for continuing to kick out the long gone but not forgotten jams. The Epoca, Influenza and Blodwyn Pig especially got my attention this time. Please sir, may we have some more? Thanks for the Deep Purple THAT'S where you got that shredding intro! Rock on.

MAD4MUSIC said...

Big D! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Glad you dug HS#17. That Blodwyn Pig track was a late addition to the playlist. Was listening to some old FM radio recordings (circa 1970-71) and that song came on and knocked me out! Just posted Hard Stuff #18 this morning... Check it out.