The Hard Stuff #18


Welcome back to The Hard Stuff! Join us again as we dive into the rock’n’roll dumpster to recover discarded hard rock nuggets. This time around we’ll groove to the sounds of...

– Playlist –

AUNT MARY - Stop Your Wishful Thinking
AGNES STRANGE - Give Yourself a Chance
SMOG - Wicked Man
EX OVO - Crazy Nature
LOVER’S LOVE - After Yours
FUSE - Show Me
COOL FEET - Mister
GLORY - Holy Roller

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MarsHottentot said...

the rock’n’roll dumpster
I nearly did a spit take with my coffee on that one, Tom!

But, yeah, you ain't kiddin' - other than Chico Magnetic Band and Lucifer's Friend (because EVERY even vaguely occult group has been unearthed), this entire set is unknown to me! Can't wait to blast it up!

Happy Holidaze!

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey Mars. One man's trash is another man's treasure, am I right?
Hope you find some tracks in this trove that float your boat!
Got plenty more hard rock obscurities to come in the new year...

Peacefrog said...

Another triumph....thanks once again for scouring the globe for the hardest rock known to man (and woman). A Cheap Trick buff, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Rick Nielsen. Cheers!


MAD4MUSIC said...

Knew you would appreciate a bit of Cheap Trick prehistory, KB.

I'm in the process of putting together a playlist for Hard Stuff #19 right now. There's more vintage heaviosity to come!

Unknown said...

Man, I simply love your show! Question: Do you have anything by a band called, 'Froop?' I used to have their vinyl...I'd love to hear once again their music! Thanks for all the wonderful ''Vibes!'' Ol' Uncle Marty

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hi Marty. I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the shows!
Froop? I've never heard of that band. I'm curious.... What can you tell us about them?

Unknown said...

I just returned from a trip to Jupiter (Florida, that is) to find a fresh new wave of playlists. Thanks! I enjoy your incredible finds on walks and rides on my fat bike through the woods. Thank you!

MAD4MUSIC said...

I'm envious, Craig... I've never been to Jupiter, but I've been to Hell (Michigan, that is).

Unknown said...

Hello, Tom! Can't really tell you much about, 'Froop.' I had the album but like 90% of my vinyl collection, sold it in the early 90s, unfortunately. It was one of those albums I located in the ''cheap'' section...but there were always some ''gems'' in there (at that time.) LOL! Certainly what I recall, they would have been perfect for 'The Hard Stuff!'
Please continue your fantastic podcasts...they mean so much to me... and I've been spreading the word to my ''music friends'' about your shows.
Enjoy the ''Vibes!''

Unknown said...

Tom,Question: I'm very much surprised that 'Sonic Daydream' is not on 'Facebook?' More and more people need to listen to your fantastic podcasts! Just my two cents here, Buddy!
Keep em' coming, Tom!
Ol' Uncle Marty
(From Québec, CANADA)

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey there, Marty. Just finished putting together a playlist for Hard Stuff #19. Hoping to have new podcast recorded and posted this weekend!