The Hard Stuff #16


Greetings, mate! The journey’s about to begin... Come along and join us as we wander the road less-traveled through the History of Rock’n’Roll! Along the way, we’ll visit these forgotten friends...

– Playlist –

MUSHROOM - Crying For You
HALF-LIFE - Get Down
MAYFIELD’S MULE - Double Dealing Woman
LES VARIATIONS - What’s Happening...
TOAD - Stay!
BLUE PLANET - Nothing in the World
COBRA - Midnight Walker
KROKODIL - Lady of Attraction
TWITCH - Pick Up is Illegal on 401 (Hitchhikers Blues)
14 BIS - God Save the Queen
YELLOW - The Hobo Song
TOBY JUG - Brotherhood

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VermontUSA said...

Captain Tom!
looks like it's to climb back into the '69 Chevelle, crack a cold one, spark up and hit the backroads again - all in my mind of course, while listening to your outstanding podcast - thanks for the new/old soundblasts!
I remain a huge fan

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey there, Vermont. Good to hear from you, man! Glad to know you’re still out there... digging’ the tunes as you roll through the night in the muscle-car of your mind! I just know that Chevelle’s got a kickass high-watt stereo system installed in it!

Peacefrog said...

great stuff as usual....grateful!
- Byrnes

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey there, KB. Glad you dug it. More heaviosity to come in October!