The Hard Stuff #15


Welcome, friend! Back again, so soon? Need another shot of The Hard Stuff, do ya? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re ready to serve up another stack o’ heavy tracks...

– Playlist –

EPITAPH - Paradise for Sale
RED WHITE & BLUES - Last Train to Georgia
FRUMPY - Roadriding
SAVAGE GRACE - Mother’s Son
DICK POLLACK - Deep In My Heart
STRAY DOG - Chevrolet
DREAM POLICE - Living is Easy
FIVE BY FIVE - 15 Going on 20
GREAT AD - She’s Got the Fire
FREE FLIGHT - All Your Love
TOUR - One of the Bad Guys

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MarsHottentot said...

Tom, where DO you find this stuff?! The only group I've heard in this set is Savage Grace. I think you're just really good at making 'old / analog / pot addled' sounds and are just pumping this stuff out of your

Good to have ya back, my man!

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey there, Mars. As long as you're out there digging it, I'll keep servin' it up!

Peacefrog said...

I haven't heard of any of these bands, so all were truly unearthed gems for my ears. Love the PSA! I now feel informed! I am not normally a commercial guy, but my favorite track was by the Ad Men. "Freaky Girl" nearly bordered on Spinal Tap territory for me. Another triumph as usual. Thanks!


MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey, KB. Glad you dug it. It's always fun to hear which tracks tickled your fancy! More obscure heaviness is on the way. Expect another dose in September!

Martin Noreau said...

Hello, Tom! Thank You for the hard work you do in bringing us such great music. I'm hooked, Buddy! Thank You so much for allowing me to discover such really cool bands.
Question: I used to have a vinyl by a band called, 'Froop'...and was wondering if you had it and if so, would be possible to feature a track or two.
Cheers, my friend and Happy New Year!
Ol' Uncle Marty

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hi Marty. Unfortunately I do not have any recordings by Froop. Are they a Polish group with a female vocalist?