The Hard Stuff #14


Your prayers have been answered — Tom D. is back on the scene and he’s got the stuff you need! Yes, it’s the long-awaited return of The Hard Stuff! Prepare to have your mind shattered by the sounds of...

– Playlist –

MACHINE - Lonesome Tree
IRISH COFFEE - Down Down Down
PROUD FLESH - Devil Flight
ALICE - Il Viendra
JOINT - Collage
ATTACK - School Daze
URGE - What’s Wrong? What’s Right?
GALAXIS - True Experience
TUSK - Child of My Kingdom
J.C. HEAVY - Is This Really Me?
TRITONS - Drifter

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MarsHottentot said...

Alright, Tom! Good to see you back and I'm psyched to have my eardrums pummeled by another gang of hard rock headcases! YEAH!

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey, Mars. Always good to hear from you. Yup, I'm back in action (finally!) and I've got plenty more to come!

Hunter Felt said...

I burned through all the episode last year, I started with the Krautrock episodes and it sort of snowballed from there. (I will never, ever forget hearing "Dr. Root's Garden" for the first time.) I just assumed that the podcast was defunct and am very very pleasantly surprised to find the new episode pop up earlier this month. Hopefully there'll be more in the future.

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hi Hunter. Thanks for the comment! It makes me happy to hear that you took the time to listen to all the old episodes. Rest assured that there will be more to come. In fact, I'm putting together a playlist for Hard Stuff #15 right this minute... :-)

PS -- 'Dr. Root's Garden' is a personal fave of mine, too. Such a cool song!

Peacefrog said...

Tom...once again, a huge thanks for doing the dirty work by uncovering these long lost nuggets! It is appreciated! My personal fave of this set was the Galaxis track. Keep up the good work! Byrnes

MAD4MUSIC said...

Glad you enjoyed it, KB. It's fun sharing this stuff with people who dig it as much as I do!