The Hard Stuff #22


Summer’s here and the time is right for some righteous rock’n’roll! Crank up your boombox and blast the monster sounds of...

– Playlist –

THE THIRD POWER – Gettin’ Together
HOUSE OF LILLY – Turn Around
THE LEGENDS – Fever Games
DOCTOR DOWNTRIP – Walking in the Desert
GALLERY – The Problem
CEREBRUM – Time’s Door
TRIANGLE – Golden Screen
A BOLHA – Sem Nada
TASTE – Blister on the Moon
GLASS SUN – Silence of the Morning

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Peacefrog said...

Another brilliant episode. I am a big fan of Rory Gallagher, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear his name come up. The guitar work on "Blister on the Moon" was, well, blistering. I enjoyed all the tracks, but really liked "Fever Games" as well. Hope you are having a good summer. It is going by fast.


MAD4MUSIC said...

Hey KB. Didn't know you were a Rory Gallagher fan. Are you familiar with the Taste albums? It's good stuff. Summer's been nice. Weather's been better than usual here (thanks to global warming, no doubt). Can't believe it's almost August already!

Peacefrog said...

I must confess, until I visited the land of my forefathers, I wasn't aware of the brilliance of Rory Gallagher. About 10 years agao, I visited many places on the Emerald Isle on my personal Irish Tour including a remote village in Northwest Ireland, Ballyshannon ( On the side of one of the walls was a mural dedicated to the legendary axeman. There is also a statue in the center square. I have only tapped the surface of Gallagher's recordings, as I only have CALLING CARD and BLUEPRINT in my library. I am not familiar with Taste. But..that is the beauty of music....there is something always new and engaging right around the corner.

Big D said...

So there I was looking for some jams to listen to while doing a few home repairs and I caught up on the last two shows...Excellent! Wow, did the time fly while I was rockin. Very nice to hear Earth & Fire. Never thought I'd hear anyone playing them within the continental USA. Well, you are the Music Man so I should have known better. BTW, went to Shoreline last night to catch Cheap Trick, Joan Jett & the Blackhawks, and Heart. Great show. I think you tried to tell me that Cheap Trick rocked, but I wasn't paying attention. Well, the boys blew my f*****g socks off. As always, keep rockin'!

MAD4MUSIC said...

Big D-- Good to hear from you! That must've been an excellent triple-bill you caught at The Shoreline. I've seen both Joan Jett and Cheap Trick (always a great time) in the last couple of years, but only saw Heart once, way back in the day... 1978(?)... Those Wilson sisters were hot!