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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm flying right now on Flight 001, destination unknown...climbing to a cruisin' altitude with attitude....a flight pattern riding the crest of a sound wave from the Captain's Inner Head. I got the vibe. About 13 minutes into the fight right now, "soaring through the trees", put the inflight mag down, looking out the little window...
Sir Saucine Signing Off

Cremaster said...

A Parody of Pleasure!

I love the clips...the woven radio broadcasts...a cast of broads, dude. We don't want anyone pushing us around!

Anonymous said...

Great for listening to in the car on long drives.

Thanks: Dave

_Zorg_ said...'s just amamazing^^Huge thanks for making and sharing it!
+1 "old school" rock fan :)

muttonfriedcharga said...

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