Goin’ Deep...


Greetings, dear friends and listeners! Yes, things are stirring behind the scenes here at Sonic Daydream. We’re hard at work gathering new musical nuggets to share with you in the months ahead.

We’re going even deeper this time, plumbing the depths of rock’n’roll wreckage to bring to you obscure treasures that have lain dormant for far too long.

Hundreds of tracks have been hauled to the surface and our recovery phase is nearly complete. Soon begins the crucial task of sifting through the haul, separating the treasure from the trash, to bring to you only the choicest gems.

There’s much work to do before the first new podcast is ready, but it’s a labor of love and we’re up for the task!

Stay tuned...


Twelvestringlife said...

Hey Captain!

Hope this message from the approach to Pluto finds you well.

Despite my increasingly irregular connection to the Sonic Daydream signal, when I can get a trans-asteroidal uplink, I'm always reassured to find you're still putting out these wonderful podcasts.

With these Tough Rocks, you are spoiling us - my favourite work of yours since the glory days of Inner-Head Flight Royale.

Best wishes,


PS - please don't forget to include the Elevators

MAD4MUSIC said...

12String! Good to hear from you.

Glad that our signal still reaches you as you cruise towards the dwarf planets... Will be curious to see if you still receive us once you reach the Oort Cloud...

Things are ramping up here at Sonic Daydream Central... I've amassed a treasure trove of tasty musical obscurities that I'm getting ready to share with all who care to listen. Glad to know you'll be onboard for the trip!

May the circle remain unbroken.
---Your Captain