The Hard Stuff #6


Welcome! I hope you came to rock... Because tonight we have some monster tracks on tap for ya! Dig the heavy sounds of...


DRAGONFLY - Blue Monday
TOTTY - Wicked Truth
ORANG-UTAN - I Can See Inside Your Head
CAIN - Queen Of The Night
RANDY HOLDEN - Guitar Song
TOO MUCH - Grease It Out
IRISH COFFEE - The Show (Part 1)
DEEP PURPLE - Flight Of The Rat

Download here or listen to streaming audio below:


Kevin said...

Kickin' ass and takin' names!! Keep up the good work! Fantastic nuggets.


vermontusa said...

Captain, this show was as much badass fun as a '70 Nova SS with an
eight-track player, a six pack and a $20 half-ounce of brown weed

ambrose1am said...

OK. Forget what I said about the others. THIS is the best podcast yet. The one-two punch of Boomerang to Totty is the best moment yet. I was all set to fire it up when I was listening to that Randy Holden track.

Blowin' my mind, blowin' my mind....

Big D said...

Greetings Tom D!
I bid thee tidings of health and happiness from the South Bay. What an excellent dose of more Hard Stuff. Thanks for raiding the vault of rare but worth listening to rock and roll. I am in total agreement with the other rockers who especially enjoyed Boomerang, Randy Holden and Deep Purple. BTW, Mountain is coming back with Satch in November (The Warfield). Let's rock!

Big D

Thalamus said...

Thank you very much for this and - of course - for the previous great compilations!!! Me and my ZenNanoPlus love them a lot!

Sincerely yours,


Anonymous said...

Question from way back at the start of this IHFR, what's that riff in the background when we hear "This is your captain speaking...."? I recognize it, but for the life of me can't remember it.

mad4music said...

Hi Anon,

The riff in the background of the IHFR opening is a song called "Ski-Ing" from the George Harrison LP "Wonderwall Music"---soundtrack to the motion picture "Wonderwall" (1968).

--Tom D.

Anonymous said...

Much obliged - I knew it was on my iPod somewhere....

Feddo said...

Thanx for the awesome podcasts. They are rebroadcasted in Holland on FM radio if you don't mind.

Feddo said...

Yes, it's on Radio Patapoe at 88.3 FM.
You can also listen to the stream through the internet at:

When I was driving to work yesterday I was listening to your radioshow. Pretty cool experience!

mad4music said...

I'm excited by the thought that someone in Amsterdam might turn on their radio and hear my show!

--Tom D.

Feddo said...

I can imagen. I have been doing the Psychedelicatessen radioshow now for over 15 years. In the so called "floating hours" of our radiostation (when there is no live DJ, but we broadcast 24 hrs a day) we put up quality radioshows like yours.
Do you have more similar stuff? Compilations or old radioshows?
Do you know of any other psychedelic radioshows that have shows available for download? (I am also interested in vintage shows from the 60s) I already found some interesting shows in your links. I have downloaded most of them and they will also get random airplay on our radiostation. Thanx a lot!

Feddo said...

any more stuff?

mad4music said...


You may be interested in these items I've made available for download -- one is a psychedelic radio broadcast from Chicago in 1968 (Spoke) and the other is a pirate radio broadcast from Vietnam in 1970 (Radio First Termer). Here are the download links:

If I come across other things in my collection you may be interested in, I'll let you know...

Mars said...

That Deep Purple track & Black Sabbath's 'Under The Sun (Everyday Just Comes And Goes)' are kissing cousins!