The Hard Stuff #4


For the next hour, sit back and enjoy the awe-inspiring heaviosity of
vintage ’70s hard rock—uncut and straight up! Enjoy these
satisfying sonic offerings...


BLUES CREATION - Atomic Bombs Away
MOUNTAIN - Never In My Life
REACTION - My Father’s Son
BLOODROCK - Double Cross
JERUSALEM - Hooded Eagle
WEED - Sweet Morning Light
ICECROSS - Jesus Freaks
TEAR GAS - That’s What’s Real
DEMIAN - Face The Crowd
ZIOR - Strange Kind Of Magic

Download here or listen to streaming audio below:



I'm a brand new listener. Needless to say I've listened through each of the first three playlists twice in a day. I'm currently half way through number four and digging it hard. Keep spreading the good word.

mad4music said...

Hell yeah! That's what I like to hear! I'm glad you're diggin' it, Eric. Thanks for listening!

--Tom D.

Sure said...

veeeeery nice work. sometimes i like listen to your podcasts. :) keep on.

Byrnes said...

You a Miner of for the Heart of Rock! Oh mama, these are tasty delights. I should also point out that absolutely love the little matrix of artwork which accompanies each podcast. I would definitely be interested in seeing more or a page or two dedicated to the fronts/backs/gatefolds of more of the HARD STUFF artwork. Keep up the good work!!


Bill said...

Been really digging the podcasts brother, been on a big psych and hard rock kick lately and you've exposed me to a few things I was not aware of (and that's not easy to do) and a true delight. Onward thru the fog!!

-Bill, 36, Satantonio, Texas
you wouldn't have some Oz Knozz would you?

Luke O'Malley said...

I accidentally stumbled across your podcast while trying to find some material by "Truth and Janey". It is incredible!!! I have turned on another 4 people to it. Everybody loves it!!

Great work, thanks a ton.

mad4music said...

Bill-- It's cool to hear that I've turned you on to some stuff you hadn't heard before... That's what this is all about for me! I'm not familiar with Oz Knozz. Thanks for the tip... I need to check 'em out!

Luke-- Thanks for telling your friends about the podcasts. It's fun knowing there's people out there diggin' it! I checked out your website and listened to some of your voice-over work... Great stuff! The "Animation Reel" had me crackin' up!

lukeomalley said...

Speaking of voice over, everyone who hears the podcast can't believe the quality of your announcements. You, sir, have a good voice!

I have a question for you. I have a track that is right up your alley that was given to me by a friend. The track has no info and he doesn't know the band or the song. I was wondering if you could see if you can identify it. I have uploaded it to my iDisk. It is named theHardStuff.m4a

vermontusa said...

hey Captain, another fantastic show and this series is a dream come true.
Don't know if I ever mentioned it but I also love your "period" ads and pop culture ephemera...maybe sometime the HARD STUFF can take a saturday night muscle-car trip to the local exploitation/grindhouse drive-in!!

mad4music said...

Hi Luke-- I downloaded your "mystery song" and gave it a listen... It sounds familiar, but I can't place it... Maybe I'll include it in an upcoming podcast and see if anyone listening knows what it is!

Hey Vermonter-- I do plan to include more vintage ads and ephemera in upcoming podcasts... I love that stuff! And there's definitely plenty of cool movies from that period to sample, too...

Luke O'Malley said...

Thanks for taking the time to listen to that track. I love it, but I have no idea who it is.

Listening to #5 as I write this; it is a great collection yet again. SATORI 1!!!!

P.S. I also love the vintage ads.

Mars said...

KEEEELER Show, Cap! Jerusalem, Tear Gas and Blackwater Park REALLY kicked my ass - a legal high as it were - I'M FRIGGIN' STONED!