The Hard Stuff #2


You had your first taste of The Hard Stuff and now you’re back for more? Well, you came to the right place, brother. I got what you need right here...


CHARLEE - Lord Knows I’ve Won
LEAF HOUND - Freelance Fiend
FABLE - We’ll Find A Way
SHINKI CHEN - Requiem Of Confusion
FIELDS - Bide My Time
EUCLID - Shadows of Life
JODO - Nightmare
HACKENSACK - Good Old Days
DUST - Suicide
POWER OF ZEUS - It Couldn’t Be Me

Download here or listen to streaming audio below:


Anonymous said...

Great news, I was happy to see this! Can't wait to listen to it at work tomorrow. Many thanks!

Kevin said...

Keep up the good work. Love it....just as good as the first installment.


vermontusa said...

TomD, YouTheMan!! imagine my delight as I was cruising the dirtroads up here with a cold one and blasting your show and got that shoutout...I was grinning from ear to ear and I pumped my fist in a hard rock salute!!

znathanson said...

Now We're Cookin! Tom this is one hellvua second hard stuff podcast! I'm so proud of you and I'm listening to it on my iPod and it kicks Fucking Ass! This is the water in the cup here. Shinki Chen I've enjoyed. I highly reccomend Julian Cope's Japrocksampler book you need to get. Once again, keep up the good work. One more thing

Death to Hair Metal and Power Ballads! This here is the shit right there!

ambrose1am said...


Now that's the title of an album I wanna hear.

bridget said...

This is great! I subscribed. :)

ambrose1am said...

Two podcasts in and no filler in sight. I can’t think of a more neglected period of rock and roll, and thus a period more in need of further exploration. It is a period that mainstream radio and rock critics alike have always ignored. You are doing me a great service with this series, saving me some legwork and time and pointing toward bands and players who warrant further scrutiny. This podcast, apart from being an antidote to the current state of rock and roll, is precisely what I want from a podcast. It’s a period that demands more attention; it’s solidly researched and put together well productionwise; it’s an impetus for further exploration; and it flat out rocks. It looks back while offering many ways forward. If there was any justice and the music industry really cared about music, you’d be spinning this at a real radio station by now. Aside from that, this is one of my favorite periods of rock and roll, and hearing all these hidden gems makes me feel 13 again, wearing my cutoff jeans and wristbands. I’m also liking that you’re giving a little background info too. (It was interesting to hear about the Nicky Moore/Samson connection.)

It’s hard to pick favorites from such a treasure trove, but for me the standouts in this podcast are Leaf Hound, Hackensack, Dust (kick-ass drums and bass here!--Lemmy-style), and Highway Robbery. It’s difficult not to include that Fable track though, with that sweet, slow, proto-NWOBHM fade out, which wouldn’t sound out of place on an early-’80s UFO or Tygers of Pan Tang album. I could celebrate moments from every one of these tracks really. I hear some aping of Free-era Paul Rodgers in that Fields track. Above all though, the Euclid track is the one that set me off, particularly for that vintage drum sound. That’s what I need! The drum sound in that song is pure rock and roll orgasm. Gimme some more!