Inner-Head Flight Royale #001


Arrive without traveling... See all without looking... Do all without doing... All aboard for the maiden voyage of Inner-Head Flight Royale! "Your Captain" is ready to gently guide you back to the heady days of '67-'69... A colorful time, when music was an adventure!


THE NAZZ - Open My Eyes
SPIRIT - Topanga Windows
THE END - Dream World
AUTOSALVAGE - Ancestral Wants
THE MONKEES - Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?
FEVER TREE - Where Do You Go?
FIFTY FOOT HOSE - Red the Sign Post
LOVE - August
THE AMBOY DUKES - You Talk Sunshine... I Breathe Fire
COLOURS - Love Heals
CHRYSALIS - Dr Root's Garden
DONOVAN - Hurdy Gurdy Man
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - I Had to Tell You

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Beverly Jean said...

Wow...that was my kind of trip, Man! I felt one with the music and that, even though I was barely born when this music was playing, I was experiencing the music first hand and real-time in the 60's.

It seemed as if the Barry-White-meets-late-night-NY 70's DJ-meets-Darth-Vader voice was speaking only to me, closely into my ear...I almost felt his breath on my neck. Oooooh, Baby!

billT said...

Great podcast. Have done a few shows myself but nothing nearly as elaborate as yours. Keep the casts flowing.

danzeb said...

Just added Sonic Daydream to Ipodder. Love the show. Top rate production. I'm looking forward to the next show.

Mainbrain said...

Speaking as a veteran of those times, ahem, you've got a very keen sense for someone who "wasn't there". Moby Grape, Nazz, Zappa, Noel Redding, Country Joe. Good solid late 60's psychedelic soul exploration tunes sprinkled with creme de la creme bands.
And what a perfect in-flight movie! It was like the rug that tied the Big Lebowski's room together. The whole flight concept came together with that movie!
You must have died in 1970 and reincarnated instantly. Instant reincarnation, hmmm? Wasn't that a John Lennon tune?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Your podcast #1 was a REAL treat - excellent tune choice and you sound very professional on it - do you have radio experience? It took me back to the days of free-form FM radio - when the late-night disk-jockeys could pretty much play anything any way they wanted and it was not unusual to hear whole album sides (taping was a must). The jocks used echo and sound effects on their spoken parts and had real character. Sigh ... I miss those days! Your voice sounds uncannily like one of my fave jocks from the 70's (you're not Dave M. by any chance, are you?). By the way, I immediately had to hunt down (and found!) a couple of the tunes you played (like the Moby Grape).

Please do many, many more!


Anonymous said...

Top stuff. Some favorites and some new listening experiences. Really good choices. Excellent !!

Anonymous said...

Your link to episode ! when i click play or download plays episode 2. could you please fix this i would like to download episode1

MAD4MUSIC said...

The links are fixed now. Thank you for letting me know about the problem :-)