RadioXU #2


Welcome back to RadioXU! Tonight we begin in glittering London Town and end up on the mean streets of New York City...

– Playlist –

T. REX – Jeepster
T. REX – Rip Off
DAVID BOWIE – Hang On To Yourself
DAVID BOWIE – Suffragette City
ROXY MUSIC – Do The Strand
ROXY MUSIC – Editions Of You
IGGY & THE STOOGES – Search And Destroy
IGGY & THE STOOGES – I’m Sick Of You
NEW YORK DOLLS – Looking For A Kiss
NEON BOYS – Love Comes In Spurts
NEON BOYS – That’s All I Know (Right Now)
PATTI SMITH – Piss Factory

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Peacefrog said...

more good stuff. I was aware of "love in spurts" but not the Neon Boys. Always good to learn something new. Thanks. Byrnes

MAD4MUSIC said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for listening, buddy!

Peacefrog said...

I went back and listened to the James Williamson Re-Licked (2014) version of "I'm Sick of You" (featuring Mario Cuomo of the Orwells). I think it is my favorite track of that compilation. Cuomo delivers a Alice Cooper-esque performance of the song which turns menacing in the second half of the song. The production on this newer version is more slick, but the guitar work is still brilliant.

MAD4MUSIC said...

I've been meaning to get back to "Re-Licked", too... I recently read a brief interview with Williamson and realized that I really hadn't yet given that album a thorough listen...