Krautrock Replica #4


Welcome back to Krautrock Replica — your favorite audio excursion into the wonderful world of vintage ’70s Deutschrock! Tonight we put the rock back into krautrock and check out some of the heavier examples of the genre...

– Playlist –

KIN PING MEH - Everything’s My Way
WALLENSTEIN - Golden Antenna
EMBRYO - A Place To Go
BRAINTICKET - Watchin’ You
ELOY - Today
NIGHT SUN - Slush Pan Man
JANE - Daytime
GILA - Kommunikation


Download here or listen to streaming audio below:


Big D said...

Greetings Tom D! How do you do it? Where do you find all these rock gems? Very nice tribute to Jon Lord. Clearly some of the keyboard players were influenced by his monster organ work. Don't tell me you have something left in the tank for another KR show? Thanks for yet another audio treat.

mad4music said...

Hey Big D! Glad you enjoyed it.

I appreciate the feedback. I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone out there listening...

Twelvestringlife said...

Hey Kapitän!

What's with the self doubt?

Of course we're listening. Even if we're too busy dancin' in the exit rows to comment.


mad4music said...

Thanks for the love, Zwölf :-)

ambrose1am said...

More Krautrock please Mr. D.

Anonymous said...

many thanks for your Work here! There is an Krautrock Radio i really love and listen all Days.
Not only Krautrock but also Psychedelic and Progressive Rock.

Cheers from Germany

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hallo, mein Freund! Thank you for listening. Cheers from California!

Unknown said...

Hi Tom D!

I leave my comment here just to say that this episode had me checking all those great bands and looking for them on Google and Youtube to listen to more amazing music from them.

Great show!

MAD4MUSIC said...

Hi Rockafu --

I'm happy to hear that this episode inspired you to seek out more music by these bands. That's what I love to hear.

I hope to do some more Krautrock shows again in the future. There's more good stuff to explore!

-- Tom D.