Krautrock Replica #3


Could it be? Episode #3 of Krautrock Replica — the podcast series dedicated to bringing you the mind-bending sounds of vintage Krautrock? Why, yes it is! Let us continue our sonic exploration with offerings from these fine musical groups...

– Playlist –

TON STEINE SCHERBEN - Allein Machen Sie Dich Ein
FLOH DE COLOGNE - Profitgeier (Wir Stehen Am Rande)
AGITATION FREE - In The Silence Of The Morning Sunrise
WEED - Weed
VIRUS - King Heroin
SCORPIONS - I’m Going Mad
FRUMPY - How The Gypsy Was Born
KRAAN - Mind Quake
EXMAGMA - It’s So Nice
LA DÜSSELDORF - La Düsseldorf

Download here or listen to streaming audio below:


Lotusflower said...

What an intreasting blog you have. Very creative.

Anonymous said...

So psyched to hear the new post! Thanks Tom!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved Weed (Weed), "Weed" and KRAAN. Nice to hear post-NEU Dingers as well. Great show.

Anonymous said...

Great to see another post

Dieter Swangeber.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered this blog. Stoked! Thanks for the Kraut! Keep up the good work, it's appreciated! xx

mad4music said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, guys. Much appreciated. I'm inspired to start putting together a new episode!

Anonymous said...

Great news! I've just finished downloading every single one of your Sonic Daydream podcast episodes and my head is going to be swimming in grooves all week. What a gas! :)

Big D said...

Greetings Tom D and congrats for yet another fine show. My personal faves were Agitation Free, Frumpy, and Kraan. Its great to hear how some of the heavies of progressive jazz and rock were clearly influenced by these German bands. Thanks for taking the time to put together these tasty selections.