The Hard Stuff #13


Welcome to a special listener request episode of The Hard Stuff! Join us tonight as we dig into the rock’n’roll ruins to uncover these tasty hard rock nuggets:


PENTAGRAM - Forever My Queen
BOOMERANG - The Peddler
FLIED EGG - Rolling Down The Broadway
SPOOKY TOOTH - Waitin’ For The Wind
LESLIE WEST - Blood Of The Sun
[ARTIST UNKNOWN] - [Title Unknown]
VANILLA FUDGE - Good Good Livin’
OZ KNOZZ - Peanut Butter Yoni
JUDAS JUMP - John Brown’s Body
THE FIREBIRDS - No Tomorrows

Download here or listen to streaming audio below:


Bill said...

You remembered! Great podcast as always - sorry I don't comment enough, but I definitely had to make an exception here considering the dusting off of the mighty Oz Knozz. They've reformed sporadically over the years and I got the pleasure to see them in the mid 90's - very cool. So what do you think of their album? Pretty wild stuff, huh?
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed all the wonderful podcasts - keep up the great work!
Peace, bro.

mad4music said...

Hey there, Bill---
Glad to see you're still listening. Thanks for the tip on Oz Knozz. I wouldn't have known about them otherwise. They are pretty wild. They certainly explore a variety of different moods on their LP!
---Tom D.

Big D said...

Another great show, Tom D! I especially enjoyed the Boomerang, Spooky Tooth, Vanilla Fudge, and Oz Knozz. No idea about the mystery tune. Who knew that I actually liked a BTO tune?! I was crazy for Guess Who, but blew off BTO. Haven't heard "Stayed Awake all Night" since I left Michigan a looonnnnnng time ago. What will you pull out of your magic bag of tunes next? Be seeing you.

Peacefrog said...

Tom, another blistering set. I did love the Pentagram track. I hardly recognized BTO. The Leslie West tune was smokin'!!! Perhaps the most pleasant surprise in the set was the unknown unreleased track....I really enjoyed it, and would like to know more about it. If you do uncover any facts on it, please share them with us. Keep up the great work. I really enjoy it.


P.S. Loved the ad for Humanoids from the Deep at the end; a nice touch!

mad4music said...

Big D---
Good to hear from ya. Thanks for the music requests. They fit nicely into the show. Yeah, that BTO track was a nice surprise, wasn't it? I bet that track NEVER gets played on the radio.

If you're not already familiar with the Leslie West LP that track was pulled from, you should check it out... It's a solid set. I'm glad that you dig the radio ads etc that I tack onto the end of the show. I always have fun selecting those!

ambrose1am said...

Long live THE HARD STUFF! I wish I could have a weekly shot.

marshottentot said...

Strong ending to this series! Best of the bunch, maybe!

lukeomalley said...

Brilliant as usual. Hopefully, someone will know the Unknown Track. That thing is starting to haunt me. Thanks for the help Tom!

mad4music said...

Hey there, Luke--
Still no luck in identifying the "mystery song"! I recently tried using the SoundHound app to identify it, but SoundHound struck out--no match was made. I hope someday we'll know...
--Tom D.