The Hard Stuff #7


Welcome back, rock fans! Once again it’s time to turn your iPod up to eleven and blast those cobwebs out of your brain... Because tonight we’re back, serving up some vintage heaviosity for ya! Dig the low-down sounds of...


BULL ANGUS - Run Don’t Stop
SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI - Stoned Out Of My Mind
LUV MACHINE - Witches Wand
BUFFALO - Sunrise (Come My Way)
BURNING PLAGUE - Life Is Nonsense
BUDGIE - Homicidal Suicidal
ELIAS HULK - Nightmare
LANDSLIDE - Sad And Lonely
TOAD - Thoughts

Download here or listen to streaming audio below:


ambrose1am said...

Man, you cannot stop putting these out. There's so much good stuff here. It's all good, but that Elias Hulk is something else....

Dani said...

For so long I've been wishing to tell you that your podcasts are so fucking great!!!. I'm a listener from Zaragoza (an spanish city), my english is not as good as I'd like but I hope it's good enought to encourage you to keep on hardrocking in the free world.
By the way,Hard Stuff #2 and #7 were really amazing. Sometimes I work as a DJ in a local rock pub and I've used songs I've taken from your podcasts. When someone come asking for the strange-but-great music I am playing I tell them the keys of my succed: Sonic Daydream.

Thalamus said...

Thank you VERY much for your continuous spreading the great music of the golden years!!!!!

Sincerely yours,


Anonymous said...

How about some Soft Stuff! Thanks

Twelvestringlife said...

Hey Captain

I hope the holiday season isn't frying your brain tooo much.

Another great podcast - Thanks. It reminds me of listening to Radio Caroline late at night in the mid-70s.

And now that I have heard SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI, I can enter 2009 a happier man.


znathanson said...

Thanks for playing Budgie. I really enjoy the Hard Stuff on my iPod. Budgie almost sounded like a proto-metal version of Rush, but fucking good! In the new year, hopefully I'll buy some Budgie big time including the first album. Thanks to Metallica who covered Breadfan on the Garage inc. 2-CD set, Budgie are the essential metal band along with Deep Purple, Luv Machine, Second Hand, Leaf Hound, Led Zeppelin, and Flied Egg.

For the next Hard Stuff, I now this is going to sound silly, but can you do a Hard Stuff tribute to the Japanese Rock scene of the '70s
Because Julian Cope has this book which talks about the scene called Japrocksampler, a sequel to Krautrocksampler. I suggest you check that out.

Keep up the good work

Zachary Nathanson

Twelvestringlife said...

Hey Captain

Have you gone AWOL in the villages of Indochina?

Hope all is Ric-Tic in the great lounge in the ether.


mad4music said...

Hey there, Twelve!

Thanks for checkin' in. Yes, I'm still out here---loitering in cyberspace. I've been distracted by other concerns lately, but I hope to get back to the podcast sometime soon. I got tons more great sounds to share!

--Tom D. (aka Your Captain)

Monty-The Hebridean Hawklord said...

Just discovered this...some of these sounds I have,others are new to me...FANTASTIC!!!...come back soon and give us more...