Inner-Head Flight Royale #008


Welcome aboard Inner-Head Flight Royale... Flight #008... Tonight we continue our visit to the British Isles and the city of London... Enjoy the wondrous sounds of these marvelous artists...


WARM SOUNDS - Nite Is A Comin'
THE SMOKE - Sydney Gill
APPLE - The Otherside
LES FLEUR DE LYS - Gong With The Luminous Nose
THE ATTACK - Colour Of My Mind
ART - Room With A View
THE BEATLES - Only A Northern Song
THE END - Shades Of Orange
THE KINKS - Lazy Old Sun
THE ZOMBIES - Beechwood Park
TRAFFIC - Heaven Is In Your Mind
FAMILY - How-Hi-The-Li
CARAVAN - Magic Man

Download here or listen to streaming audio below:


vermontusa said...

I now have all eight flights on my mp3 player and I will be playing them to and from Copenhagen, Denmark via Iceland this May

that's a double-flight experience

really enjoyed the London trip...trying to think of where you will go next...Texas? Detroit/midwest? or combine the two and trip across midAmerica?
NYC? wherever it is, I am always anxious to depart Captain.

Thalamus said...

Thanks a lot!

My car has been flying on the wings of your music since I found it!!! Looking forward the next chapters.

Thanks again!

Sincerely yours,


jp said...

Please check another psychedelic web radio here :

mad4music said...

Dien FM is excellent! Thanks for sharing.

I have added a link to it on my blog page.

Big Jack said...

Another fantastic offering from the best 'cast on the net. I can definitely appreciate these jams. Songs from across the pond. "The Otherside" rocks especially. That jam is so sick it makes me wear a "what's that smell?" face and play air-bass. Please keep 'em comin', man. This is rock n' roll at its finest!

Thanks for another great trip.

Life So Far.... said...

Just finished listening to Flight #009, and realized I had failed to compliment you on this, Inner-Head Flight Royale #008. Loved hearing Traffic again!
Bill Wyman: boy, you snagged his one vocal (and now we know why only one, at least on the official Stones releases). The Stones were trying SO hard to catch up with The Beatles!

Anonymous said...


Just off flight 9 to 8....Mightyness in the skies!!.

Seatbelt tight......mind loose.... feathers floating byyyyyyy....

Flight 7 calling my soulllll

Astral thanks youuuussss

Sectioned 43

Mars said...

Really warming up to this one - the Stones cut is tough to get around for me (love the Stones, but IAL is probably my least fav cut), but all of the others are gold! "Beechwood Park" is sooo good, I could weep! Again, they just don't write 'em like that anymore!

mad4music said...

I hear what you're saying about IAL. It's a pretty goofy song. I have to admit that I chose that tune precisely because it's probably the least-known (least-liked?) Stones track. I guess there was a good reason there weren't many Wyman-penned songs featured on Stones albums...

Mars said...

Well, it's certainly fun to sing along to!