Inner-Head Flight Royale #007


Attention passengers... Please have your passports ready... Inner-Head Flight Royale Flight #007... International service to the UK... is now ready for boarding... Enjoy a journey to Swinging London with these fabulous groups...


THE WHO - Armenia City In The Sky
THE IDLE RACE - Hurry Up John
TOMORROW - Real Life Permanent Dream
KALEIDOSCOPE - Faintly Blowing
BLOSSOM TOES - Look At Me I'm You
THE PINK FLOYD - Candy And A Currant Bun
JULY - Dandelion Seeds
THE SMALL FACES - Up the Wooden Hills (To Bedfordshire)
VELVETT FOGG - Within The Night
ANDWELLA'S DREAM - The Days Grew Longer For Love
THE DEVIANTS - Child Of The Sky
TWINK - Ten Thousand Words In a Cardboard Box

Download here or listen to streaming audio below:


Get Off My Elevator said...

I'm diggin' it, Cap'n. Just in time for Friday night, too! Great mix of the familiar and obscure, flows well, makes ya feel good (especially while indulging in an "inner-head flight", haha)'s all good. Keep up the good work, man. And link me. Damnit. HAHA!

mad4music said...

Consider yourself "linked" :-)

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!
Excellent collections, I have discovered a whole lot of new music.

vermontusa said...

the best one yet!!
the UK Kaleidescope even!!
fantastic, I'm telling everyone cool enough to appreciate!!

ambrose1am said...

Best podcast EVAH! This is the best mix yet: aside from the Who stuff, I haven't heard any of these, and all of them were A-sides. The effects and mix is just superb, too. Well done, D.


Seamus of the Hill People said...

Great flight! Very smooth, no seat belt necessary. Where are the stewardesses?!? I want peanuts!

Life so far.... said...

Extremely good flight to the UK, Captain, and flying First Class is the way to go. All the way. I especially enjoyed the glass of vintage Syd Barrett (the B side of Arnold Layne, no less), and some tunes I had never heard. Some of the lyrics to Armenia could apply to your in-flight entertainment:

If you ever want to lose some time
Just take off, there's no risk
If you ever want to disappear
Just take off, and think of this.

mad4music said...


marshottentot said...

Tom, I listen to this one OVER and OVER - sometimes on site, sometimes on mp3. I have a few favorites on here (the Hard Stuff finale is definitely a high water mark), but this one... it's like on of the best records I've ever heard. It couldn't have got any better. To the point where when I hear either 'Armenia' or ''Candy And A Currant Bun - I think of this broadcast rather than 'Sell Out' or 'Piper' era Floyd. That's how effective this particular show was on me. Flawless choice of tracks - Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera's 'Reaction Of A Young Man' - wow, bands don't write 'em like that anymore!

mad4music said...

Hey there, Mars!
IHFR #007 is one of my personal favorites, too. I particularly enjoyed putting this one together because British Psych is my favorite flavor of the genre. The UK groups had a fanciful and trippy sensibility that we just didn't have that often in the US... And there are so many great UK bands that I had to make it a two-part episode!

marshottentot said...

Yeah, the US was still pretty 'Garage Punk' through out the psych era (nothing wrong with that!) We didn't ever trip out until the psych revival and noise rock of the 80's it seems. The UK probably went further due to their having the Beatles and Pink Floyd in their back yard.

Look at me, I'm listenin' again!