The Hard Stuff #19


Ready for another belt of The Hard Stuff? If so, belly up to the bar, my friend, it's time to throw back a few more shots of the vintage hard rock! Tonight we're imbibing the potent sounds of...

– Playlist –

LINDHOLM BROTHERS - No Time for Last Goodbyes
ZUKUS - Running High
FINCH - Nothing in the Sun
VOYAGE - Outre Tombe
PANDA - Medicine Man
PEACEPIPE - The Sun Won’t Shine Forever
FREEMAN SOUND - Singing My Own Song
UFO - Galactic Love
RABBIT FOOD - My Mind’s Phantasy
THE RITUAL - Speed Freak
BIG BERTHA - Munich City
PINEAPPLE - The Letter
BLAST - Damned Flame

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Peacefrog said...

great stuff as usual...favorite tracks this time around were the hard hitting "Running High" (by Zukus) and the blistering "Nothing in the Sun" by Finch. Loved the loud rhythm section of "Running High". The last half of "Nothing in the Sun" sounded to me like VU. The UFO track reminded me of Pink Floyd; it is hard to believe they're still around after all these years. Well done.


MAD4MUSIC said...

Always fun to hear your thoughts on the music, KB! I dig the Zukus track a lot, too... It's got a laid-back stoner vibe. Now that I listen to it again, I think I can hear the VU reference in the latter half of the Finch track... The rhythm guitar is sorta reminiscent of LOADED-era VU.

Martin Noreau said...

Hello, Tom!
As always, wonderful podcast. The two bands that caught my attention were, 'The Ritual' & 'Pineapple.'
Thank You for yet again, some wonderful ''Vibes!''
Cheers, from Québec!
Ol' Uncle Marty